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"This woman, Brycken, is a true embodiment of ancient dance art forms..

Her heart and strength are a gift <<>>"


~ S Nicole Hill, Sr. Designer/Institute of Indigenous Arts




“Angel Hands Wellness is an Integrative clinic in Vancouver, Canada where we believe in addressing all the components of a person’s health. Expressive Arts is part of that healing process, and having a teacher like Brycken Olive deliver such an inspiring workshop helps our clients through this process. She was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Students of her “Creative Embodiment” workshop commented on how much they enjoyed her workshop and felt inspired to keep dancing. Brycken Olive also gave a beautiful performance at our opening of our new centre in December 2012. We hope that she will continue to grace us and our clients with her talent and moving art.”


- Giselle Bobinski, Owner-Angel Hands Wellness, Vancouver BC




"Brycken is a talented performer and artist and having seen her work I was enthusiastic to do her classes and workshops.

In her class I felt connected to my center and grounded in the earth.  I experienced a fun and energetic space where I could explore movement and art, and I felt safe to explore whatever emotions arose for me.

Brycken is a skilled guide and I would recommend her classes to all. "


~Lee McGarva

Registered Nurse and Yoga Teacher

Auckland, New Zealand




"Her strong and deep hearted presence brought me back to myself."   


~ Andrea Weigt, Berlin




"Brycken's extensive training in Afro Roots dance, her training in expressive arts movement therapy, and natural sensitivity in leading groups makes her classes a rich personal growth experience as well as a community building experience. I have taken 2 of her classes and have left both inspired and feeling like I grew from them. They quite literally connect me to my physical core and to my personal core."  


~ Valerie Perczek, Florida





"Brycken (rhymes with lichen) as she affectionately introduces herself, is as wonderful a teacher as she is a person. She's compassionate, warm, and open and compels you to open up too. Her classes are inspiring and her passion and energy are infectious."


~ Andrea Mapili, Toronto




"I remember myself at the end of the class, choosing carefully a warm, sunny spot in the room. Drawing and chanting my flow in a big piece of paper, in complete state trust of my intuition. Colors where melting under my toes, and I was feeling One"


This is a warm memory that I have still really vivid in mind of a workshop class I experienced with Brycken.

She's a talented, grounded, sensitive and powerful Woman, with Capital Letters, and thanks to her sensitivity she has the ability 

of facilitating people in deep places of discoveries and Reunion, 

feeling the safety of a woman holding the space for people to explore. 

There's a wave of bright energy that she spread around that totally let me experience

the beauty of womanhood in complete trust and abandon. 

I would surely recommend to experience a soulful exploration with her."


- Laura Columbine, Venice, Italy




"I love working with Brycken! I can't say enough good things about this woman. Just being around her, I am uplifted and filled with her joy and enthusiasm for life. Her positive outlook is grounded by her wisdom and is truly an inspiration. She is able to lead from the centre, so that what comes, flows naturally. She brings a heightened awareness of energy to her interactions whether 'one on one' or in 'group work'. With her clear heart, she is my choice for energy healing and shamanic work. And yet, with her background, she is trained to do so much more. She has so many avenues and techniques to work with that she has always found a way to reach me, to give me what I need to discover about myself so that I may move forward."


~ Bri Hurley - San Francisco, USA/Brno, Czech  Republic




"I much appreciated your workshop and facilitation; with dedication and love you guided us through several expressive art forms. Giving resources and structure whilst also giving time and space to explore in a way that feels good to us. With your eye for detail, in creating the setting & atmosphere, I felt welcomed in and at ease throughout the workshop."


~ Annelies Goedhart, Rotterdam




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