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Photo by Anthony Natividad

"Your Unique Expression is a Gifted Treasure... 

Only You, can Offer this to the World..."  


~ Brycken

Brycken Gwyn Olive


Dancer ~ Choreographer ~ Performer ~ Visual Artist ~ Teacher

Brycken  was born into a family of artists and considers creativity to be her medium in life.  She is a professional Choreographer, dancer, performer and visual artist. Brycken has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver BC. As a Tamalpa Institute Practitioner, she specializes in a Movement-Based Expressive Arts therapy approach and is actively living and teaching the Halprin Life/Art Process ®. Brycken did her Expressive Arts internship with 'Art for Recovery' at UCSF Hospital, San Francisco, CA. She is currently in an international teaching internship with Sahn Nicole Hill at Centré of Indigenous Arts ~ Sound/Movement Integration™. Brycken is also an ISMEATA member as a Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist (RSME/T) and a Registered Somatic Dance Educator (RSDE)


Brycken's passion for African music and dance was realized during years of various drum and dance classes within the African Performing Community in Vancouver BC, her hometown. She has studied African dance for over 20 years, focusing on traditional and contemporary afro-roots genres. Blending her own unique style with her afro-roots foundation is an ongoing practice. Before moving to California in 2011 from Vancouver BC, she studied with Jacky Essombe and was part of her African dance troupe "the Makalas"., Brycken has taught workshops and Jacky Essombe's Afro'Robics dance fitness, and was also seen dancing on various TV segments of Global TV's "African Workout" Series. 


Since 2012 she has discovered the Hawaiian dancing arts during her Maui Artist Quests ® with 'Institute of Indigenous Arts'. Brycken currently studies this ancient dance form during her annual sojourns to Maui. As well as the Halau Hula Na Pua O Ka La'akea with Kumu Shawna Alapa'i ~ Hula On! Productions.


She currently performs with the 'Riffat Sultana' Band, a Sufi singer from Pakistan, and is the featured dancer in her latest Music Video. As well, she has performed with 'Makuru' a Senegalese fusion Band. She is also a dancer in the 'Ancient/Now' dance company, for the Concert Ceremony performances with the Centré of Indigenous Arts.


Brycken has developed her own signature dance style inspired by her world indigenous dance studies. These indigenous dances and traditions, are held with great honour and respect in her practice. Her ongoing study of this and her own multi-cultural lineage, has granted her the wisdom to see the roots of all humanity dancing upon the Earth.


She loves to share her joy and heart with others through movement, community and cultivating creativity together. She believes in the healing qualities that come with any art form and that we are all artistic beings. 

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